Reverse Speed|Broken Arrows

mana cap: 18 - silver league

key value
Different decks 4
rating n wins summoner monsters ruleset
38 9 5 Malric Inferno:4 Serpent of the Flame:3, Elemental Phoenix:2, Kobold Miner:5 ['Reverse Speed|Broken Arrows', 'Super Sneak', 'Standard', 'Broken Arrows', 'Armored Up', 'Earthquake', 'Silenced Summoners|Earthquake']
20 1 1 Tyrus Paladium:4 Clay Golem:4, Divine Healer:5, Divine Sorceress:3, Armorsmith:5, Silvershield Bard:4 ['Reverse Speed|Broken Arrows']
20 1 1 Xander Foxwood:3 Brownie:3, Lord Arianthus:2, Wood Nymph:5, Goblin Sorcerer:5, Elven Cutthroat:5 ['Reverse Speed|Broken Arrows']
-20 1 0 Lyanna Natura:4 Stone Golem:4, Wood Nymph:5, Mushroom Seer:4, Brownie:3 ['Reverse Speed|Broken Arrows']