Healed Out|Melee Mayhem

mana cap: 26 - novice league

key value
Different decks 15
rating n wins summoner monsters ruleset
21 1 1 Malric Inferno:1 Serpentine Soldier:1, Pit Ogre:1, Creeping Ooze:1, Exploding Dwarf:1, Goblin Shaman:1, Flame Imp:1 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
20 1 1 Alric Stormbringer:1 Spineback Turtle:1, Mischievous Mermaid:1, Ruler of the Seas:1, Pirate Archer:1, Creeping Ooze:1, Magi Sphinx:1 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
20 1 1 Daria Dragonscale:1 Lord Arianthus:1, Rexxie:2, Earth Elemental:1, Swamp Thing:1, Stone Golem:1 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
20 1 1 Archmage Arius:1 Silvershield Paladin:2, Crystal Werewolf:2, Red Dragon:1, Armorsmith:3, Fiendish Harpy:2, Creeping Ooze:3 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
20 1 1 Malric Inferno:1 Enchanted Defender:1, Cerberus:1, Exploding Dwarf:1, Elemental Phoenix:1, Kobold Miner:1, Creeping Ooze:1 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
20 1 1 Lyanna Natura:1 Goblin Mech:1, Javelin Thrower:1, Brownie:1, Creeping Ooze:1, Stonesplitter Orc:1 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
0 1 0 Plado Emberstorm:1 Lord Arianthus:1, Fire Beetle:3, Cerberus:2, Exploding Dwarf:3, Fire Demon:2 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
0 1 0 The Peakrider:1 Silvershield Paladin:2, Feral Spirit:3, Elven Cutthroat:3, Angel of Light:1, Armorsmith:3, Crystal Werewolf:2 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
-1 2 1 Lyanna Natura:1 Stone Golem:1, Lord Arianthus:1, Minotaur Warrior:1, Wood Nymph:1, Javelin Thrower:1 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
-20 1 0 Zintar Mortalis:1 Skeletal Warrior:1, Creeping Ooze:1, Goblin Mech:1, Undead Minotaur:1, Animated Corpse:1 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
-20 1 0 Malric Inferno:1 Pit Ogre:1, Creeping Ooze:1, Elven Cutthroat:1, Exploding Dwarf:1, Naga Fire Wizard:1 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
-20 1 0 Alric Stormbringer:1 Naga Warrior:1, Magi Sphinx:1, Medusa:1, Pirate Archer:1, Ruler of the Seas:1, Creeping Ooze:1 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
-20 1 0 Lyanna Natura:1 Stonesplitter Orc:1, Javelin Thrower:1, Flesh Golem:1, Brownie:1, Swamp Thing:1, Elven Cutthroat:1 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
-20 1 0 Zintar Mortalis:1 Animated Corpse:1, Skeletal Warrior:1, Spineback Wolf:1, Creeping Ooze:1, Skeleton Assassin:1, Phantom Soldier:1 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
-37 2 0 Alric Stormbringer:1 Spineback Turtle:1, Prismatic Energy:1, Magi Sphinx:1, Sea Genie:1 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem', 'Healed Out|Broken Arrows']