Back to Basics|Keep Your Distance

mana cap: 19 - novice league

key value
Different decks 5
rating n wins summoner monsters ruleset
91 16 12 Alric Stormbringer:1 Creeping Ooze:1, Peaceful Giant:1, Magi Sphinx:1, Mischievous Mermaid:1 ['Back to Basics', 'Lost Legendaries', 'Back to Basics|Keep Your Distance', 'Back to Basics|Lost Legendaries', 'Fog of War|Keep Your Distance']
26 1 1 Valnamor:1 Furious Chicken:2, Medusa:2, Mischievous Mermaid:2, Magi Sphinx:2 ['Back to Basics|Keep Your Distance']
20 1 1 Alric Stormbringer:1 Lord Arianthus:1, Water Elemental:1, Pirate Archer:1, Centaur:1 ['Back to Basics|Keep Your Distance']
8 2 1 Alric Stormbringer:1 Prismatic Energy:1, Dwarven Wizard:1, Enchanted Pixie:1, Pirate Archer:1 ['Keep Your Distance', 'Back to Basics|Keep Your Distance']
-20 1 0 Tyrus Paladium:1 Prismatic Energy:1, Angel of Light:1, Creeping Ooze:1, Silvershield Archers:1 ['Back to Basics|Keep Your Distance']