Unprotected|Broken Arrows

mana cap: 16 - novice league

key value
Different decks 14
rating n wins summoner monsters ruleset
247 152 113 Alric Stormbringer:1 Frost Giant:1, Ruler of the Seas:1 ['Broken Arrows', 'Taking Sides', 'Super Sneak', 'Standard', 'Reverse Speed', 'Aim True', 'Unprotected', 'Melee Mayhem', 'Weak Magic', 'Back to Basics', 'Fog of War', 'Target Practice', 'Healed Out', 'Silenced Summoners', 'Earthquake', 'Armored Up', 'Healed Out|Taking Sides', 'Silenced Summoners|Broken Arrows', 'Aim True|Reverse Speed', 'Armored Up|Reverse Speed', 'Reverse Speed|Broken Arrows', 'Unprotected|Taking Sides', 'Fog of War|Melee Mayhem', 'Weak Magic|Healed Out', 'Earthquake|Melee Mayhem', 'Healed Out|Broken Arrows', 'Back to Basics|Reverse Speed', 'Healed Out|Reverse Speed', 'Reverse Speed|Healed Out', 'Unprotected|Broken Arrows', 'Earthquake|Broken Arrows']
77 4 4 Daria Dragonscale:1 Chromatic Dragon:1, Manticore:1, Creeping Ooze:2 ['Reverse Speed|Earthquake', 'Super Sneak|Earthquake', 'Earthquake|Healed Out', 'Unprotected|Broken Arrows']
20 1 1 Xia Seachan:1 Sea Monster:2, Crustacean King:2, Creeping Ooze:2, Cocatrice:1 ['Unprotected|Broken Arrows']
20 1 1 Malric Inferno:1 Elemental Phoenix:1, Kobold Miner:1, Elven Cutthroat:1, Creeping Ooze:1, Furious Chicken:1 ['Unprotected|Broken Arrows']
18 1 1 Alric Stormbringer:1 Lord Arianthus:1, Furious Chicken:1, Ruler of the Seas:1, Cocatrice:1 ['Unprotected|Broken Arrows']
-2 2 1 Tyrus Paladium:1 Silvershield Paladin:1, Armorsmith:1, Divine Healer:1, Feral Spirit:1 ['Unprotected|Broken Arrows', 'Silenced Summoners|Reverse Speed']
-8 1 0 Daria Dragonscale:1 Spineback Wolf:2, Manticore:1, Skeleton Assassin:2 ['Unprotected|Broken Arrows']
-16 1 0 Kiara Lightbringer:1 Sacred Unicorn:1, Divine Healer:2, Feral Spirit:2, Creeping Ooze:2 ['Unprotected|Broken Arrows']
-20 1 0 Alric Stormbringer:1 Rusty Android:1, Electric Eels:1, Crustacean King:1 ['Unprotected|Broken Arrows']
-20 1 0 Delwyn Dragonscale:1 Lord Arianthus:0, Black Dragon:0, Furious Chicken:0 ['Unprotected|Broken Arrows']
-23 1 0 Zintar Mortalis:1 Haunted Spirit:1, Corrupted Pegasus:1, Cocatrice:1 ['Unprotected|Broken Arrows']
-32 15 6 Alric Stormbringer:1 Spineback Turtle:1, Enchanted Pixie:1, Ruler of the Seas:1 ['Super Sneak', 'Unprotected', 'Reverse Speed', 'Earthquake', 'Healed Out', 'Back to Basics', 'Broken Arrows', 'Unprotected|Broken Arrows', 'Armored Up|Healed Out', 'Silenced Summoners|Reverse Speed', 'Super Sneak|Broken Arrows', 'Reverse Speed|Broken Arrows']
-38 2 0 Alric Stormbringer:1 Ruler of the Seas:1, Mischievous Mermaid:1, Cocatrice:1 ['Super Sneak', 'Unprotected|Broken Arrows']
-38 2 0 Malric Inferno:1 Pit Ogre:1, Grumpy Dwarf:1, Elven Cutthroat:1 ['Standard', 'Unprotected|Broken Arrows']