Healed Out|Melee Mayhem

mana cap: 21 - gold league

key value
Different decks 6
rating n wins summoner monsters ruleset
59 13 9 Prince Rennyn:3 Cocatrice:6, Creeping Ooze:8, Brownie:5, Swamp Thing:5, Mushroom Seer:6, Javelin Thrower:6 ['Lost Legendaries', 'Unprotected', 'Armored Up', 'Weak Magic', 'Unprotected|Healed Out', 'Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
24 1 1 Prince Rennyn:3 Lord Arianthus:3, Earth Elemental:6, Creeping Ooze:8, Swamp Thing:5, Highland Archer:8, Cocatrice:6 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
20 1 1 The Peakrider:3 Lord Arianthus:3, Sacred Unicorn:3, Defender of Truth:5 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
20 1 1 Daria Dragonscale:5 Lord Arianthus:3, Silvershield Knight:8, Armorsmith:8, Divine Healer:8, Creeping Ooze:8 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
-20 1 0 Tyrus Paladium:6 Lord Arianthus:3, Centaur:8, Feral Spirit:8, Angel of Light:3, Silvershield Bard:6 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
-20 1 0 Delwyn Dragonscale:8 Rusty Android:0, Fiendish Harpy:0, Rexxie:0, Brownie:0 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']