Healed Out|Melee Mayhem

mana cap: 18 - gold league

key value
Different decks 6
rating n wins summoner monsters ruleset
20 1 1 Talia Firestorm:5 Serpentine Soldier:7, Cocatrice:7, Kobold Miner:8, Creeping Ooze:8, Goblin Shaman:8, Flame Imp:7 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
20 1 1 Selenia Sky:3 Furious Chicken:6, Lord Arianthus:3, Brownie:5, Swamp Thing:5, Spirit of the Forest:3 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
0 1 0 Tyrus Paladium:6 Lord Arianthus:3, Feral Spirit:8, Elven Cutthroat:8, Armorsmith:8, Silvershield Archers:8 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
0 1 0 Selenia Sky:3 Lord Arianthus:3, Fiendish Harpy:5, Crustacean King:8, Pirate Archer:6, Highland Archer:8 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
-20 1 0 Malric Inferno:6 Serpent of the Flame:6, Kobold Miner:8, Exploding Dwarf:8, Cocatrice:6 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']
-20 1 0 Lyanna Natura:6 Lord Arianthus:3, Furious Chicken:6, Rexxie:8, Brownie:6, Cocatrice:6 ['Healed Out|Melee Mayhem']