Reverse Speed|Little League

mana cap: 15 - gold league

key value
Different decks 4
rating n wins summoner monsters ruleset
21 1 1 Tyrus Paladium:6 Crystal Werewolf:6, Divine Sorceress:6, Armorsmith:8, Defender of Truth:6 ['Reverse Speed|Little League']
20 1 1 Xander Foxwood:5 Earth Elemental:7, Magi of the Forest:5, Wood Nymph:8, Swamp Thing:5 ['Reverse Speed|Little League']
16 5 3 Kiara Lightbringer:5 Crystal Werewolf:7, Divine Healer:8, Defender of Truth:5, Divine Sorceress:5 ['Little League', 'Silenced Summoners', 'Back to Basics|Little League', 'Reverse Speed|Little League', 'Earthquake|Little League']
10 5 3 Selenia Sky:3 Spineback Turtle:8, Pirate Captain:8, Pirate Archer:6, Crustacean King:8 ['Standard', 'Weak Magic', 'Reverse Speed|Little League']