Target Practice|Lost Legendaries

mana cap: 29 - diamond league

key value
Different decks 13
rating n wins summoner monsters ruleset
224 89 71 Prince Rennyn:4 Flesh Golem:10, Earth Elemental:8, Swamp Thing:6, Wood Nymph:10, Magi of the Forest:6, Javelin Thrower:8 ['Lost Legendaries', 'Taking Sides', 'Unprotected', 'Healed Out', 'Silenced Summoners|Taking Sides', 'Target Practice|Lost Legendaries', 'Armored Up|Lost Legendaries', 'Unprotected|Lost Legendaries', 'Armored Up|Healed Out', 'Earthquake|Taking Sides', 'Target Practice|Healed Out', 'Super Sneak|Lost Legendaries', 'Healed Out|Taking Sides', 'Target Practice|Taking Sides', 'Aim True|Lost Legendaries', 'Weak Magic']
22 1 1 The Peakrider:4 Raging Impaler:6, Peaceful Giant:10, Feral Spirit:10, Elven Cutthroat:10, Armorsmith:10, Air Elemental:6 ['Target Practice|Lost Legendaries']
20 1 1 Valnamor:4 Spineback Turtle:10, Electric Eels:8, Enchanted Pixie:8, Pirate Captain:10, Magi Sphinx:6, Mischievous Mermaid:6 ['Target Practice|Lost Legendaries']
20 1 1 Selenia Sky:4 Naga Warrior:6, Cyclops:8, Water Elemental:8, Crustacean King:10, Pirate Captain:10, Centaur:10 ['Target Practice|Lost Legendaries']
19 3 2 The Peakrider:4 Prismatic Energy:8, Creeping Ooze:10, Divine Healer:10, Feral Spirit:10, Elven Cutthroat:10, Silvershield Knight:10 ['Lost Legendaries', 'Target Practice|Lost Legendaries']
0 1 0 The Peakrider:4 Silvershield Paladin:8, Elven Cutthroat:10, Armorsmith:10, Feral Spirit:10, Crystal Werewolf:8, Prismatic Energy:8 ['Target Practice|Lost Legendaries']
0 1 0 Selenia Sky:4 Serpentine Soldier:8, Giant Roc:10, Cyclops:8, Fire Demon:6, Highland Archer:10, Goblin Shaman:10 ['Target Practice|Lost Legendaries']
-3 9 4 Selenia Sky:4 Silvershield Paladin:8, Cyclops:8, Divine Healer:10, Highland Archer:10, Peacebringer:8, Air Elemental:6 ['Lost Legendaries', 'Target Practice|Lost Legendaries']
-7 1 0 Crypt Mancer:4 Haunted Spirit:8, Spineback Wolf:10, Peaceful Giant:10, Undead Priest:8, Undead Archer:8, Magi Sphinx:6 ['Target Practice|Lost Legendaries']
-20 2 1 Tyrus Paladium:8 Clay Golem:8, Air Elemental:6, Silvershield Warrior:10, Divine Healer:10, Defender of Truth:6, Peacebringer:8 ['Target Practice|Lost Legendaries']
-20 1 0 Selenia Sky:4 Naga Warrior:6, Mischievous Mermaid:6, Sea Genie:10, Crustacean King:10, Pirate Archer:8, Water Elemental:8 ['Target Practice|Lost Legendaries']
-20 1 0 Lyanna Natura:8 Flesh Golem:10, Minotaur Warrior:10, Earth Elemental:8, Wood Nymph:10, Magi of the Forest:6, Javelin Thrower:8 ['Target Practice|Lost Legendaries']
-21 1 0 Prince Rennyn:4 Flesh Golem:10, Prismatic Energy:8, Earth Elemental:8, Swamp Thing:6, Javelin Thrower:8 ['Target Practice|Lost Legendaries']