Super Sneak|Rise of the Commons

mana cap: 16 - diamond league

key value
Different decks 10
rating n wins summoner monsters ruleset
119 40 26 Selenia Sky:4 Spineback Turtle:10, Medusa:8, Crustacean King:10, Pirate Archer:8 ['Taking Sides', 'Reverse Speed', 'Standard', 'Little League', 'Rise of the Commons', 'Aim True', 'Earthquake', 'Armored Up', 'Fog of War', 'Super Sneak|Rise of the Commons', 'Silenced Summoners', 'Reverse Speed|Rise of the Commons', 'Fog of War|Rise of the Commons', 'Weak Magic|Little League', 'Aim True|Taking Sides']
108 15 10 Tyrus Paladium:8 Cocatrice:8, Feral Spirit:10, Elven Cutthroat:10, Armorsmith:10, Crystal Werewolf:8 ['Armored Up', 'Rise of the Commons', 'Weak Magic', 'Broken Arrows', 'Super Sneak|Rise of the Commons', 'Healed Out|Broken Arrows']
27 1 1 Lyanna Natura:8 Stone Golem:8, Cocatrice:8, Stonesplitter Orc:8 ['Super Sneak|Rise of the Commons']
21 1 1 Tyrus Paladium:8 Cocatrice:8, Silvershield Bard:8, Creeping Ooze:10, Feral Spirit:10, Enchanted Pixie:8, Crystal Werewolf:8 ['Super Sneak|Rise of the Commons']
14 1 1 Tyrus Paladium:8 Silvershield Warrior:10, Divine Healer:10, Feral Spirit:10, Crystal Werewolf:8 ['Super Sneak|Rise of the Commons']
1 4 2 Alric Stormbringer:8 Frozen Soldier:8, Electric Eels:8, Sabre Shark:10 ['Up Close & Personal', 'Silenced Summoners|Rise of the Commons', 'Super Sneak|Healed Out', 'Super Sneak|Rise of the Commons']
-15 17 6 Lyanna Natura:8 Flesh Golem:10, Goblin Sorcerer:10, Wood Nymph:10 ['Taking Sides', 'Broken Arrows', 'Reverse Speed', 'Rise of the Commons', 'Standard', 'Fog of War|Taking Sides', 'Armored Up|Broken Arrows', 'Super Sneak|Rise of the Commons', 'Silenced Summoners|Broken Arrows']
-15 1 0 Zintar Mortalis:8 Creeping Ooze:10, Haunted Spirit:8, Spineback Wolf:10, Skeletal Warrior:8 ['Super Sneak|Rise of the Commons']
-23 1 0 Prince Rennyn:4 Earth Elemental:8, Goblin Sorcerer:10, Javelin Thrower:8 ['Super Sneak|Rise of the Commons']
-111 12 2 Lyanna Natura:8 Flesh Golem:10, Creeping Ooze:10, Stonesplitter Orc:8 ['Up Close & Personal', 'Super Sneak', 'Melee Mayhem', 'Broken Arrows', 'Silenced Summoners|Rise of the Commons', 'Super Sneak|Rise of the Commons']