Reverse Speed|Melee Mayhem

mana cap: 27 - bronze league

key value
Different decks 6
rating n wins summoner monsters ruleset
20 1 1 Malric Inferno:2 Molten Ogre:3, Naga Fire Wizard:2, Kobold Miner:3, Giant Roc:3 ['Reverse Speed|Melee Mayhem']
20 1 1 Alric Stormbringer:2 Frost Giant:1, Sea Monster:3, Crustacean King:3, Ruler of the Seas:1 ['Reverse Speed|Melee Mayhem']
20 1 1 Daria Dragonscale:2 Pit Ogre:3, Cerberus:3, Manticore:2, Kobold Miner:3, Exploding Dwarf:3, Fiendish Harpy:2 ['Reverse Speed|Melee Mayhem']
-20 1 0 Malric Inferno:2 Cerberus:2, Grumpy Dwarf:3, Exploding Dwarf:3, Creeping Ooze:3, Goblin Mech:3 ['Reverse Speed|Melee Mayhem']
-20 1 0 Daria Dragonscale:2 Flesh Golem:3, Rexxie:3, Stonesplitter Orc:3, Cocatrice:3, Creeping Ooze:3, Brownie:2 ['Reverse Speed|Melee Mayhem']
-20 1 0 Zintar Mortalis:2 Skeletal Warrior:2, Rusty Android:3, Corrupted Pegasus:1, Animated Corpse:3, Haunted Spirit:2, Creeping Ooze:3 ['Reverse Speed|Melee Mayhem']