Reverse Speed|Little League

mana cap: 16 - bronze league

key value
Different decks 4
rating n wins summoner monsters ruleset
40 2 2 Tyrus Paladium:2 Silvershield Warrior:3, Divine Healer:3, Armorsmith:3, Peacebringer:2 ['Reverse Speed|Little League', 'Little League']
35 4 3 Daria Dragonscale:2 Animated Corpse:3, Manticore:2, Twisted Jester:3 ['Little League', 'Reverse Speed|Little League', 'Unprotected|Earthquake']
33 4 3 Selenia Sky:1 Cerberus:2, Kobold Miner:3, Fire Beetle:3, Fire Demon:2 ['Target Practice', 'Little League', 'Reverse Speed|Little League', 'Unprotected']
22 1 1 Selenia Sky:1 Minotaur Warrior:3, Earth Elemental:2, Swamp Thing:2, Magi of the Forest:2 ['Reverse Speed|Little League']