Lost Legendaries

Taking Sides

Silenced Summoners

Back to Basics

Melee Mayhem

Super Sneak

Aim True

Rise of the Commons


Weak Magic

Target Practice

Up Close & Personal

Reverse Speed

Broken Arrows

Fog of War

Little League


Healed Out

Armored Up

Keep Your Distance

Weak Magic|Broken Arrows

Silenced Summoners|Broken Arrows

Silenced Summoners|Up Close & Personal

Healed Out|Broken Arrows

Aim True|Broken Arrows

Earthquake|Keep Your Distance

Earthquake|Broken Arrows

Reverse Speed|Little League

Target Practice|Lost Legendaries

Unprotected|Broken Arrows

Reverse Speed|Melee Mayhem

Silenced Summoners|Little League

Super Sneak|Rise of the Commons

Weak Magic|Rise of the Commons

Back to Basics|Keep Your Distance

Reverse Speed|Broken Arrows

Healed Out|Melee Mayhem

Target Practice|Melee Mayhem

Super Sneak|Lost Legendaries

Target Practice|Broken Arrows

Fog of War|Rise of the Commons

Armored Up|Broken Arrows

Healed Out|Taking Sides

Silenced Summoners|Melee Mayhem

Fog of War|Broken Arrows

Unprotected|Rise of the Commons

Super Sneak|Melee Mayhem

Super Sneak|Broken Arrows

Back to Basics|Up Close & Personal

Earthquake|Taking Sides

Back to Basics|Taking Sides

Aim True|Taking Sides

Back to Basics|Broken Arrows

Healed Out|Rise of the Commons

Armored Up|Lost Legendaries

Fog of War|Keep Your Distance

Reverse Speed|Taking Sides

Aim True|Lost Legendaries

Silenced Summoners|Taking Sides

Weak Magic|Little League

Silenced Summoners|Lost Legendaries

Silenced Summoners|Rise of the Commons

Silenced Summoners|Keep Your Distance

Unprotected|Lost Legendaries

Back to Basics|Little League

Armored Up|Melee Mayhem

Reverse Speed|Rise of the Commons

Super Sneak|Taking Sides

Armored Up|Rise of the Commons

Unprotected|Taking Sides

Target Practice|Keep Your Distance

Earthquake|Little League

Weak Magic|Taking Sides

Healed Out|Little League