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rewarding - a delayed vote and beneficiaries helper

When giving a posting authority to @rewarding, the service can be used to give delayed upvotes to a post and reward already paid-out posts. You can give @rewarding the posting authority by".


The command has to be written in a comment and the delayed upvote is casted to the direct parent. When no time is given, upvote is done 15 minutes after post/comment creation (time is in relation to the parent post/comment creation date).

  • @rewarding 77% 13min
  • @rewarding upvote with 77% after 13 min
  • @rewarding 77% 13
  • @rewarding upvote 88 %

When doing this on a paid-out post, rewarding creates a comment with 100% beneficiaries set to the author and upvotes this with the given percentage and delay.

transfer to rewarding to trigger comment creation

Instead of writing the command in a comment, a transfer is also possible.

Send 0.001 SBD/STEEM to @rewarding with a paid-out post link and a comment with 100% beneficaries will be created. Wait 15 min. and upvote (mind the payout treshold of 0.02). You find the comment here: comments

This form creates a steemconnect link for easily sending 0.001 SBD with the post link to @rewarding.
paid-out post link or authorperm:

Account name: